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What to Bring

Equipment requirements are light and mainly involve practical clothing. The lodge is completely equipped and provides rods, lines and reels for fishing our water, and however many guests prefer to bring their personal equipment. We suggest however you bring suitable clothing. As it can be very hot or cold and wet, come prepared for either eventuality. One suggestion is to bring a pair of flannelette pyjamas, a thick and a light long-sleeved shirt, a sweater, rain gear, a hat and a pair of running shoes in addition to the clothes you travel in. Swimming is available in the river, so a bathing suit is recommended. Wearing protective eye-ware when fly fishing is a must; we suggest dark polaroids during the day and clear or yellow polaroids for evening fishing. Bug spray,sunblock and UV buffs are popular sun protection. Life jackets and floater vests are available at the lodge. You must also have an active fishing license to be purchased online ahead of your trip at the current New Brunswick rate. Having your licence on arrival ensures you fish that evening. Further information on this is available if you contact us.

The basic mode of fishing is from traditional Restigouche square backed Sharpe canoes that accommodate two fishermen plus a guide. If you prefer to wade fish, then bring along your waders,boots and vest.If you do, please remember the Restigouche is one of the world’s famous “big fish” Atlantic salmon rivers. An 8 or 9wt rod should be considered the minimum and your reel should have at least 200 yards of relatively new 30-pound test backing. Our guides will supply leaders appropriate for the particular water conditions, and local flies can be purchased at the lodge.

You may also want to bring hiking boots if you wish to explore the rugged terrain and rocky outcrops that overlook the River. I also recommend bringing along such items as binoculars (for bird and other wildlife watching from the canoe), a camera (for photographing your canoe partner in action both on the river and in lodge). Bottled water and snacks are provided in the Lodge but please bring your preferred wines and spirits for your stay.

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